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Building the Sierra Pacific Railroad – Part 5

It was amazing how much work I spent trying to figure out what type of abutments I was going to use and how they were built. Asking a lot of questions for fellow modelers on the Proto48 Group, there were a lot of retired engineers who helped with that information. I decided to go with wood timber abutments. I assembled them with the legs a bit long so I could trim them to the proper length when they were secured to the layout.

The abutments were attached to the layout with Liquid Nails adhesive. While the abutments were drying, I set the deck in place to make sure the timbers were at the right height and level.

The Bents

I begin creating the bents by cutting the pieces to size and lightly pre-staining them. The legs were glued to the cap with CA and allowed to dry. After everything was dry, I trimmed the access material from the let and attached the sill.

Next I moved on to concrete footings. I made a casting using stripwood which I distressed similar to the bents. I mixes extra fine sand and plaster, added a bit of flat black to add color and allowed to dry for 24 hours.

The molds were removed and the castings were set aside. Some of the remaining plaster was broken up and I used that to test some weathering techniques. I spent some time looking at prototype concrete to get an idea of colors and textures. I used the image below as a guide.

I used a wire brush to scratch the surface and expose the aggregate. I followed that up with a wet paper towel to smooth the surface. I mixed Woodland Scenics acrylic aged concrete with just a touch of flat black. This was heavily diluted and applied with a paper towel. I was happy with the results as a base. Once the footings are in place I will finish weathering to look more like the prototype photo below.

As noted before, I had already added the basic land forms so I needed to cut out foundations for the bents.

The bent was set in place and white glue used to set it in place and allowed to dry for 24 hours. I followed that with dirt and glued that in place.

The second bent was built and installed the same way. Again, I allowed it to dry and added dirt to the scene and set that in place.

All that is left now is to complete the rail and finish weathering. I am very happy with how this model turned out and I very much appreciate all the input to guide my research. Hopefully I will be able to get to the creek bed and vegetation soon. For now, work will continue on the main line.


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