Creating Realistic Corrugated Roofing Part 2

Written by Shawn Branstetter, photos by the author.

As we continue to work on our weathered tin sheeting, there are times when we will need to paint them; such as when it’s used as siding. This is rather easy once we've completed part one in this series.

Assuming we followed the steps in part one, we will then cover our sheets with AK-Interactive Chipping Effects. You can either use a brush or spray it on, for this application, I brushed on the worn effects fluid and let it dry.


I wanted a very rough paint job for this article so I decided to sponge on the acrylic paint instead of using an airbrush. I use his technique to give whatever material I'm using a very uneven and rough surface.

Now the fun part! Once dry, soak a toothbrush in water and wet the entire surface of the metal sheets. Allow the water to set a moment and then gently brush the pieces. I'm using small circular motions with the brush. You should notice the paint starting to flake off. The more you brush, the more paint is removed. You can also use a toothpick to add scratched in the pieces as well.


Similar to the steps in part one, I will start with my darker rust colors first. I work the color with a sponge around the edges of the paint, even coloring over the paint in some areas. This will give the illusion that some of the rust is washing over the paint as sell as behind it. The color we added underneath the top coat will begin to blend in to the new color as well.

I will then follow up with lighter acrylic rust colors around some of the edges as well as the holes. Once everything is good and dry I will lightly add rust pigments to the holes and brush on white mineral spirits to allow them to flow into all of the crevices as in part one of the series.

Continue the process with each of your tin sheets until you are satisfied with the color. Again, you can dust on a layer of dirt to further weather and blend the colors which will add to the realism. Cover everything with a flat varnish and you are done.

I will finish out this series with alternatives to rust effects.


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