A Simple Scribing Tool

Written by Edward Traxler

The “Old School” way is to "roll-your-own" siding for example using Bristol Board and a scriber. Using the back of an X-ACTO blade doesn't work because it will tear the paper instead of scoring it....

Miniature Clothes Pins Make Perfect Clamps

Written by Edward Traxler

In my Walmart's office supply section I found these miniature clothes pins, labeled 'Wood Clips' if I remember. These are really small. Much smaller than a 'regular' clothes pin and very well suited...

A Simple Corrugated Metal Drain

Written by Colby Smith

It all started way back one stormy night when I decided to add a drain pipe to my display diorama. Ok it really wasn’t a storm night, but I did want a drain pipe for my diorama. I wanted something...