Polishing Your Rails

Written by Shawn Branstetter, photos by the author.

Liquid nail polish remover with Acetone does more than remove nail polish. It is useful for removing paint, both enamel and acrylic. I have used it on both plastic and metal with excellent results, however, you should be very careful with plastic. Acetone is strong and can melt it if left on for a long period of time.

I particularly like to use it to polish my rails after painting and weathering.

I pore a small amount of remover into the lid and using a cotton swab, skim the tops of the rail head, moving the swab back and forth like you would sandpaper. The paint will come right off. No scratches!

Using nail polish remover on the rails as well as the wood to remove any unwanted paint.

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Shawn Branstetter

I am a graphic designer and front-end developer, creator of Shortline Modelers. I have been a life-long model railroader with a focus on California shortline and logging railroads.


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I have to say .. damn that is looking good! .. and glad you are polishing your rails after painting and weathering and not your nails

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--- Socrates

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Thanks Ed. I do like to keep the nail polishing to a minimum if I can help it.

Shawn Branstetter