An ACC & CA Glue Applicator

Written by Edward Traxler, photos by the author.

When using Super Glue, also known as Cyano-Acrylate or CA for short, it helps to be able to precisely apply the stuff. The thin CA is particularly hard to apply with any precision from the bottle. I use ZAP Thin CA for most of my Super Glue projects. In order to have that precision, you might want to consider an applicator tool. Simply take a needle, in my case I used a tapestry needle, insert and cement it into a short length of a wooden dowel. The either cut-off or grind-off a portion of the eye so all you are left with is a "Y" (see figure below).

Put a drop of your favorite Super Glue in something like the bottom of an upturned shot glass or my favorite one of those small plastic trays for mixing paint. Dip the "Y" into the CA. It will fill that little "Y" shape. Then simply touch that to where you want your CA. You can be very exact in your placement of glue.

When the "Y" loads up with dried CA simply take a cigarette lighter and burn off the dried CA. Since that photo was taken I painted the 'handle' red. That way I can quickly find it.

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Now THAT'S a good idea!!

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I swiped the idea from SOMEWHERE .. I forget where. Micro-Mark has one for just under $10 .. and if you look at the pic .. IT IS A NEEDLE!!

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