Tie Rack Tie Jigs

Written by Shawn Branstetter, photos by the author.

Fast Tracks is a supplier of track laying tools and supplies for model railroads ranging Z to O Scale. I recently had a chance to try one of their Tie Rack Jig kits. For those of you that are unfamiliar with a tie jig, they are used to keep ties consistantly spaces and aligned when laying track by hand.

Tie Rack Jig

My Tie Rack is for On30 Brachline track, meaning the ties are slightly misaligned. The jig comes in four pieces consisting of the left and right base plates which can snap together to create longer tie jigs. You also get the jig tops which you will glue to the base and place the ties into. 

Tie Rack Jig

Tie Rack Jig

The pieces glue together very easily with wood glue. I used strong clamps while the glue was drying as the wood was slightly warped. Once they dried, there was only a slight bow to my set (Fortunately, I noticed that this does not hurt the spacing or alignment of the ties at all.)

As mentioned earlier, the tie racks are designed to snap together which allow you to create longer runs of ties. The two that come in the kit are 20" in length with a tie spacing of a scale 24" on tie centers.

Most people will create their own tie jigs for much cheaper, usually using scrap material. However, if you don't want to take the time to create your own, Fast Tracks Tie Racks Tie Jigs are a very easy to use and good quality product.

Tie Rack Jig

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