Chipping and Worn Effects

Written by Shawn Branstetter, photos by the author.

Many of us are familiar with the hairspray technique for creating peeling and chipping paint effects. There was also a time when many of us, including myself used rubber cement to add realism to our weathering.

AK Interactive has made that a little easier for us with two new products; Heavy Chipping and Worn Effects fluids. Both of these are completely clear and can be brushed or airbrushed onto your model. 

You will paint or stain the background that you are wanting to show through your worn or chipped paint, seal and let dry. Next add a coat of either or both fluids, allow to it to dry and then spray your top coat over the entire model. Once your top coat is dry, use water, a soft brush or toothpick and begin to remove the paint! Its that easy.

The Worn Effects will produce a lighter chipping effect, where as the Heavy chipping will allow you to remove much more of your top coat. The more you use, the more chipping you will see. These can also be applied in layers to create even more weathering effects as seen in the photo below.

These are wonderful products which, with a little practice, really allow you to show age and neglect on your models.

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