Rules of Conduct

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First I would like to welcome you all to the Shortline Modelers Forum. We are community that enjoys helping and sharing our knowledge with the rest of our fellow modelers and I hope the forums here at Shortline Modelers will be a place for inspiration and learning.

Please make a note of the rules of conduct on the forums to make this an enjoyable experience for all who are here.


  • Please Be Respectful – Name calling or harassing will not be tolerated
  • Modeling Subjects ONLY – Please refrain from speaking about religion, politics, or any other subject other than model railroading
  • Model Related Content ONLY – All media, images, videos, or documents must not contain pornographic content of any kind

We try to monitor the forums as much as possible but we rely on the modeling community to be respectful to one another. If you are not abiding by the rules your account can be deleted and all content in question removed from the site. If you see violations to the rules we ask that you report content.

Again, we are trying to create a forum that all modelers are welcome to freely enjoy.