Shortline Modelers Articles

Trees, The search for the Holy Grail

Written by David Eblen

I am old enough to remember when molded plastic trees were acceptable scenic detail on a model railroad layout.  Some adventurous artistic types would actually clip the molded- in flat base and “...

How to Wind Your Own Springs

Written by David Eblen

This is a journey through the mind and life of an inveterate scratch builder. There are a number of excuses for this activity including but not limited to ego, I can build it better than the factory...

A 12' x 12' Scratchbuilt Shed

Written by Edward Traxler

Last year I was running over to my friend Andrew's house, to work on his On30 modules, and I noticed an old and very dilapidated shed. Since it was a crappy day, rainy and cold, I decided to come...

Small Wooden Bridge A One-Night Project

Written by Shawn Branstetter

Most prototype railroads at one point or another have a need for a small culvert or bridge to cross a creek or drainage of some sort. Modeling these structures can be a welcome break from our larger...

Masking Tape Weathering

Written by Shawn Branstetter

With so many techniques for weathering your models, you might find yourself asking, which one is right for this project? I have asked myself this question far to many times. The answer, experiment!...

Weathering Wood for Beginners

Written by Shawn Branstetter

When I first started in the hobby one of my biggest challenges was staining wood. It was to me what a blank piece of paper is to someone who can't draw, frightening. I didn't understand that I could...